ERP and E commerce Solution with OFBiz


The Apache Open For Business Project (OFBiz) is the world's leading open source solution for delivering enterprise automation software projects. OFBiz provides ERP, CRM, MRP, eCommerce (Online Shops) and any other information automation software that you need.

We provide OFBiz development and support to our customers and work with OfBiz Service Providers to achieve the highest quality for your business needs.

The Apache Open For Business Project (OFBiz) is a foundation and framework for building reliable, secure and scalable open source enterprise automation solutions. By open source enterprise automation we mean: open source ERP, open source CRM, open source e-business / e-commerce, open source CMMS/EAM, and so on. OFBiz offers a huge range of functionality including:

Accounting (Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Vendor Management, General Ledger )

Asset Maintenance and depraciation.

Catalogue and Product Management

Facility and Warehouse Management


Order Processing

Inventory Management, automated stock replenishment

Content Management System

Human Resources

People and Group Management

Project Management

Sales Force Automation

Work Effort Management

Electronic Point of Sale (ePOS)

Electronic Commerce (eCommerce)

We offer the following services:

ERP and E-Commerce consulting - how OFBiz can be utilised to support your project

ERP Solutions on OFBIz

E-Commerce Solutions on OFBIz

Vertical industry solution deployment of OFBiz

Rapid bespoke business application solutions on OFBiz

OFBiz Software architecture and design

Bespoke OFBiz component development

Customisation of OFBiz

Integration of OFBiz into your organisation

OFBiz based solutions application support

With deep experience from various engagements in architecting, designing and implementing OFBiz solutions, we are able to deliver superior and cost-effective solutions