Our hybris practice is based on a rich set of experience, expertise, methodology,innovative solutions.

Expertise, Experience, Execution

Pseudo's founding team has executed end-to-end hybris projects successfully. We have significant expertise and experience on all modules of hybris, including:

  • hybris PCM & Web Content Management.
  • hybris B2C & B2B Commerce
  • hybris Print.
  • hybris Customer Service.

Capabilities and Enablement

In line with it’s focus on building a scalable hybris practice, Pseudo has invested heavily in creating the right capabilities as well as an enablement process. all of the team is hybris trained & certified while the entire team has real-world, hands-on hybris experience. The founding team has experience on all modules of hybris. Additionally, we have a well-defined training methodology which will continue to enable new hires as they join the practice.

Best Practices

Pseudo consultants have a lot of experience in implementing eCommerce solutions on different platforms. Additionally, they have previous hands-on experience on hybris engagements. We have taken all our learnings and experiences and with recommendations from hybris, created our own set of best practices. Pseudo consultants leverage these to provide elegant solutions to real world problems. These include loading legacy data, customizing product cockpit, handling workflows, etc.