Hybris practice

  • hybris PCM & Web Content Management
  • hybris B2C & B2B Commerce
  • hybris Print
  • hybris Customer Service
  • more   
Ofbiz e-commerce & ERP

  • Completely customized e-commerce stores.
  • Large implementations on ERP
  • integrated Alfresco with OFBiz
  • Deployed OFBiz on external appservers in production environment.
  • more   
Web Promotion

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Website Optimization
  • Link Building Services
  • Article Syndication & Marketing Service
  • more   
App. Programing

  • Software Requirement Study (SRS)
  • Technical Support
  • Maintenance
  • Application Customization
  • Application Development
  • more   
Domain Hosting

  • Domain Name Registration
  • Domain Name Suggestions
  • Hosting
  • more   

  • Application Outsourcing
  • Software Outsourcing
  • Web Outsourcing
  • more   
Make a deal with us......
Link exchange with us. If you would like to exchange links with us and add your site to our partners pages, simply click on the heading and answer some questions, we are eager to make partners all over the world.
Link exchange is not just exchanging a domain name, it is a type of mutual advertisement. This a way through we can advertise ourselvesin different client sector.

Innovation Purchase. In Pseudo Technology, we all belive in innovative work and new ideas. Our R&D department always try to do something different. So, if you think you have an idea regarding software industry, then you are welcome. Pseudo Technology will also pay you according to your concept.

Assess Your Business Requirements
  • Is you business has expected revenue growth?
  • Is your business requires a promotion media?
  • Are you planning for cost-cutting?
  • Do you need to apply database automation?
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Insights [Noesis]
click Know Pseudo Technology. How we work. The procedure of services provided by Pseudo Technology. And much more...

Solution Explored
  • We are able to integrate various components of the solution and provide you with a One-Stop Solutions
  • We can help you meet your project deadline by raising your own team's skills level
  • We can offer independent 2nd Opinion to health check your current projects
  • We can develop a working solution with zero or minimal documentation
  • We are especially sensitive to customer requirement and customer satisfaction. Our customers often form long-term partnerships with us
  • We can help you carry through the whole product development life cycle
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Why Pseudo Technology ?
  • Our business solutions are innovative, modeled for best fit, effective and efficient
  • Our Development centre at Noida, India, boasts of experienced professionals with a wide range of relevant competencies
  • We do not compromise on quality or ethics
  • Our services are more efficient and less costly, as compared to the existing market
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Client Testimonial
Rythems Trader

"Pseudo Technology provided me the better services from the Indian IT market. whether we talk about graphics of a website or eficiency of software, they provided all in a different and better way."


"We always chose Pseudo Technology for our projects because of the commitment we have seen from them during previous deployments with us. Adherence to tight deadlines, demonstrating flexibility and responsiveness to our needs were some of the qualities that weighed in Pseudo Technology's favor."

Swadesh Academy

"For projects, like ours, it is very important to handle data with complete care. A simple error can tun into big disaster. Pseudo Technology never gives us a chance to comment on their work. From assigning to deployment, they were best in their field. And they are best for the maintenance of the project too."